Peruvian Ancient Paths was founded around sixteen years ago by two Peruvians who found in the design of unique experiences a way of sharing with travelers their passion for Peruvian history, nature, gastronomy as well as the opportunity to explore new routes. Here at Peruvian Ancient Paths, we believe our mission is to rediscover the true meaning of Peru and share it with our customers to make their journeys unforgettable experiences.

If you're wondering why we think we're different, let us tell you that we pride ourselves on sending happy clients back home. We always have been focused on satisfying our travelers desires through personalized services and unique experiences and our testimonies are clear examples of this statement.

Some other reasons that make us different are that all our services are guarantee and safe as they are previously tested and approved by us. Since the beginning, we make things simple, clear, and of high quality, so you will know what to expect during your wonderful journey in Peru. We respect nature and seek to preserve the authenticity of local communities, which is why we promote sustainable travel and experiences, and finally but not least important, will be our team, yes, our team! Since they are not only knowledgeable but creative and enthusiastic people, . . . so they will be taking care of immersing you in the real Peruvian Ancient Paths!

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Diana was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. Due to her father, a university professor and one of the best tour guides in the city, she developed a deep love and identity for our culture and traditions from an early age. Weekends with her dad were filled with fascinating events, such as exploring archaeological sites and sacred mountains, as well as learning about our history and costumes.

This shaped not only her deep interest in sharing with others part of our culture and heritage but also her passion for travels off the beaten track. Years later she studied at the San Antonio Abad University of Cusco and obtained a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

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This amazing team of experts has created unforgettable experiences for our customers over the past 16 years, and we always seeks to develop new routes and unique products which include a variety of travel styles, authentic experiences, high-quality services, and always keeping the environment and local communities in mind.

The team of guides behind our tours consists of specialized professionals with years of experience creating unforgettable memories for each traveler, immersing them in the past of our civilizations and understanding the interrelationship between our ancestors with Mother Earth.