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2006 - 2015

on January 27, 2012


Incorporated in 2006, Peruvian ANcient PAths is a privately-owned travel management travel company headquartered in Cusco - Perú.

2016 - 2020

on January 27, 2012

Maybe some of you will say 10 years! but for us, these first 10 years were a great opportunity to learn more about you - not only as a client - but as a traveller, a Peruvian culture lover!! at this moment we realize we are and were ready to keep learning from you, from what you are looking for, from what you expect from our Culture - our country - our service.

Diana Mansilla Flower

on January 27, 2012

Diana is our General Manager. She has a master degree in Human Resources, also has a second master degree in Tourism & Hospitality Marketing. With 15 years of experience working in Hotels and Travel Agencies in North America and Peru, she created Peruvian Ancient Paths, as her own son, this "baby" is 9 years old and Diana and her team are still working and making this project better everyday.

Joselin Silva Caceres

on January 27, 2012

Joselin was born in Cusco, Peru and has been working with us since the beginning. She already traveled to US to make her trainee in hospitality, to improve her english and to learn more. She came back to Peru and to our team to apply her knowledge with our clients and friends, so definitely you are in good hands with her.

Yessica Graneros

on January 27, 2012

Yessica is an important member of our team, she is in charge of operations in Cusco, so she is always ready to make your trip as good as expected.



on January 18, 2012



Dear Clients, please read the following terms and conditions as they are important for our contractual relationship.


These conditions only apply to services in our program and not to the international and national flights. These are subject to the conditions imposed by the airlines.

Our prices do not include the international air fares, international airport taxes, meals not specified in your itinerary, personal expenses, personal insurance, tips and baggage porterage.


* All prices are listed in American dollars and include all taxes for non-residents in Peru tourists.

* Peruvian ANcient PAths SAC does not accept responsibility for any change in prices or variation of services. All services and prices are subject to change without notice.

* We will require a deposit in advance – 50% of the total amount – in order to process the reservation. The balance must be paid due 15 days prior to travel date. If the balance is not received by the appropriate date, the reservation will be cancelled. Cancellation charges will apply.

* Credit cards.  We accept Visa, Master Card and Dinners. One of our representatives (travel specialist) will send you a link to our secure page for payments; otherwise we will send you a PAYMENT ORDER by email.


DOCUMENTATION The customer is responsible to provide the following

-    Full Name of passenger

-    Passport Number

-    Nationality

-    Date of Birth



The customer has the right to cancel a reservation within a reasonable time (at least 15 days before the service), although for those services where the third party does not refund, the customer will be liable to the not refunded amount, this is a common practice of the Entrance ticket to Machupicchu, Train to Machupicchu, Train to Puno, the June 24th entrance to the Intiraymi Festivities.


For every cancellation made by the passenger, more than 20 days prior the arrival must be subject to a penalty of US $ 15.00 for administrative expenses.

For every cancellation made by the passenger, within the 20 days prior the arrival, must be subject to a penalty of the first night amount plus the US $ 15.00

In the case that passenger don't arrive at the hotel (no show) at the reserved date, and haven't send a cancellation in advance, must loose the payment of all the nights reserved.


Flight Bookings are totally non refundable or transferable

Cancellations must be in writing and should be addressed to the consultant handling the booking. We don’t accept cancellations by phone.

If a credit has been approved it is valid for 6 months from the date the cancellation was made.

Peruvian Ancient Paths SAC is not responsible for any change in the flight schedule, we suggest you to contact your travel specialist due 72hours prior the flight date in order to reconfirm your flight information.


Any cancellation made by passengers more than 16 days before the journey must be subject to a penalty of 20% of total price plus US$ 25.00 of administrative expenses.

Any cancellation made by passengers within 16 and 8 days prior the journey must be subject to a penalty of 50% of total price plus $ 25.00 of administrative expenses.

Any cancellation made by passenger within 8 days before the journey, must be subject to a penalty of the total amount paid.

Passengers who don't send cancellation or don't check in the date of their journey must loose their tickets.



* The customer nor Peruvian Ancient Paths SAC shall have no right to terminate the Agreement/contract unilaterally except when either party has failed to perform according to the requirements of the contract, all monies not due to service or no-show charges shall be refunded within 24 hours of the termination of this contract, if any monies owed by the customers shall pay to Peruvian Ancient Paths SAC within 24 hours of termination of the Agreement/contract.



We take care to ensure that all involved in the preparation and supply of your vacation maintain the highest standards. Please remember that the appropriate standards will be those prevalent in your destination which may not be the same as developed international standards.

Peruvian ANcient PAths SAC assumes no responsibility to injury, loss, damage to person or property or for additional expenses due to acts of God (sickness, weather, etc.), strike, detention, riot, war, quarantine, thefts, civil disturbances or government regulations or restrictions. We are not responsible for any accidents, delays, inconveniences, expenses or mishaps of any kind whatsoever resulting entirely, or in part, from the negligence of others or from causes beyond our control. We reserve the right to make reasonable changes and/or substitutions in the itinerary where deemed necessary. Baggage is entirely at owner’s risk.

All Travel has its own inherent risks, up to and including death and the traveler acknowledges such risks exist. Peruvian ANcient PAths SAC is not liable, and the traveler agrees to hold harmless Peruvian ANcient PAths SAC, its employees and agents for illness, injury, accident, or death during the tours. Peruvian ANcient PAths SAC is not responsible for expenses or harm caused or losses incurred by travelers who (a) disregard of the instructions of our representative(s), (b) depart from the planned activities of the tour, or (c) follow the instructions of a person other than our representative(s).


Peruvian ANcient PAths SAC will not be responsible for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident or delay due to any act or default of any air, land or water carrier, hotel, restaurant, company or person rendering any of the services, activities or programs included in the tour. Peruvian ANcient PAths SAC will not be responsible for the traveler’s cost of travel in returning home before completion of the tour

Gracias desde Costa Rica

on January 18, 2012

Apreciada Diana.

Este primer correo ya que hace 10 minutos llegamos del aeropuerto a nuestra casa. Aquí enCOSTA RICA.


Vengo muy satisfecho y muy agradecido con usted con FLOR, y con toda la gente de los hoteles.

La comida ESPECTACULAR la gente igual……Superamos las expectativas en un 150%.


on January 12, 2012

Our suggestion: There is no specific amount of money for all the clients; so please consider your own spending habits when it comes to allowing food, drinks, tipping, shopping.

Every person, every traveler is different and therefore spending money requirements may vary from one to the other, for example many travelers will prefer to purchase more souvenirs than most, some others will prefer to enjoy the best restaurants than others.


on January 12, 2012

Our suggestion: Take it easy with the food the first day; the Peruvian cuisine is delicious but their ingredients will be new to your body which is not accustomed to many.

You will be remarkably surprised with the flavors, aromas, textures of the food in Perú, which actually is recognize all over the world.

Peru is home of the potato and has a wide selection of different varieties that make up part of their staple diet along with rice and many meat dishes. Don’t  miss dishes with quinoa!!


on January 12, 2012

Our suggestion: Do not drink tap water, only bottled water

As visitor you might be concern about the water when outside your country and for good reason.  We will resume the problem as “the contents of the water” in Peru are different than the ones your body is used to, so your body might create adjustment problems for the digestive system. The time covered by your visit is not normally enough to allow you to accept the changes but with a little care you should have a trouble free visit. 

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