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The Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Day Trek is an amazing Experience in the Vilcanota Mountain Range of the Andes & a great alternative to the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Trek!

This mini trek is perfect for travellers who want to view the colourful mountains of the region without the extra effort of partaking in a full day high altitude trek. It is also a great option for those travelling with their children. Although Palccoyo is at high altitude – the trail itself is short, relatively flat & is far less crowded than Vinicunca. The views of these striated mountains are absolutely spectacular and on clear days you can see the snow-capped peaks of Ausangate, Mariposa, Nevado del Inca and many more glaciated mountains in the distance! This tour will also incorporate a cultural stop on Checacupe where travellers can walk across a traditionally created Inca bridge as well as view the interior of an artistically painted church. The Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Day Trek is an excellent way to spend a full day in the high Andes without the extra effort!

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