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Wonders of the North of Peru

Duration            : 10 Days / 09 Nights

Type of Tourism: Traditional / archaeological / Nature

Season               :  all year round

Departures        : Daily

Type of Service : Group Premium


Day 1 – Lima – Caral – Casma

7:00 am – Start private tour with English speaking guide from Hotel in Lima towards Caral. 3 hour drive.

Details about Caral: This archaeological of about 5000 years old, shows the remains of the religious Caral civilization and is considerate to be the oldest of Peru. The central square contains 15 constructions and temples. Bandurria complex is considered to be the defensive part of Caral. The Chupisigaro lines are geoglyphs similar to the Nasca Lines.

Overnight in Casma (3hr drive from Caral).

Day 2 – Sechin + Mocheque + Chanquillo

8:am – Start private tour with English speaking guide from Hotel in Casma to Sechin, Mocheque and Chanquillo.

Details about Sechin: Sechin is one of the oldest astronomical and religious complexes of Peru. It is also the first place in Peru that suggests human sacrifices on a stone facade together with suggestive motifs of warriors in procession. The museum on site shows the drawings of their gods. Chanquilo was another gastronomical and militar structure of the Sechin culture. Casma-Sechin: 15min. Sechin-Chanquilo: 30 min. Chanquilo-Mocheque: 1.5hr. Mocheque-Casma: 1hr

Overnight in Casma

Day 3 – PunkurI- Gran Muralla en Chimbote - Huanchaco

8: am – Start private tour with English speaking guide from Hotel in Casma to Punkuri, Gran Muralla (part of the Chimu culture) and transfer to Huanchaco

Casma-Gran Muralla: 1hr, Gran Muralla-Panamarca: 1.5hr, Panamarca – Huanchaco: 3hr. 

Overnight in Huanchaco

Day 4 – Free day

Day 5 – Chan Chan + La Esmeralda + Arco Iris + Huaca de La Luna

9:00am – Start private tour with English speaking guide from Hotel in Huancachaco, Huanchaco to Chan Chan, Huaca la Esmeralda, Huaca Arco Iris, Huaca de La Luna and the Moche museum.

Details about this tour: The tour to the archeological site of Chan Chan includes visiting some of the most impressive structures on this site: Huaca la Esmeralda, Huaca Arco Iris and Palacio Nik-An which shows different nature, bird and fish motives on its adobe walls.

In the afternoon you will also visit Huaca de la Luna (has to be before 16:00 h). These are remains of gigantic tombs/ temples from the Moche culture (100-700 AC). Several structures on this site are still decorated with well conserved paintings on the walls. These paintings/ murals, together with the many beautiful decorated golden and ceramic objects that have been found on this archeological site give a good impression about the Moche Culture.

Overnight in Huanchaco

Day 6 -  El Brujo - Pacatnamu - San Jose de Moro - Chiclayo

8:00am – Start private tour with English speaking guide from Hotel in Huanchaco, Huanchaco to: Complejo El Brujo, Pacatnamu, San Jose de Moro and Chiclayo

Details about El Brujo: This archeological site used to be a sacred place for several cultures including the Moches, Waris and Inca’s, even until colonial times.

From the adobe pyramid/ temple it is believed that the Moches used it to practiced sacrifices. The walls are build with Moche architecture and iconography.

The very well constructed and organized site museum shows objects and the remains of the cultures that lived here and the remains of Señora de Cao. This woman is considered to be the first pre-Colombian leader in Peru and because of that, the discovery of her body is one of the most important historical findings in Peru. Pacatnamu was an administrative centre of the Chimu culture. In San Jose de Moro were found 2 priestresses of the Moche culture. Travel distances: Trujillo-El Brujo: 1hr, El Brujo-Pacatnamu 1h15min, Pacatnamu-San Jose de Moro: 1hr. San Jose de Moro-Chiclayo: 1hr.

Overnight in Chiclayo

Day 7 - Museo de Sican+ Bosque de Pomac+ Museo Bruning

8:30am – Start private tour with English speaking guide from Hotel in Chiclayo to Museo de Sican, Bosque de Pomac and the Bruning Museum.

Details about this tour: This special archeological tour starts with visiting the Museum of Sican. This museum shows a great collection with (golden) objects which were found in Bosque Pomac.

After this interesting visit you will make short hike through the dry tropical forest of Bosque de Pomac (Batan Grande). During the hike you will be able to see different bird species, typical to this area and learn more about its history. Visit to Huaca las Ventanas, Huaca el Oro and the viewpoint.

Last visit is to the well-known Bruning Museum. This museum includes a very complete collection about the history of the surroundings of Lambayeque. You can admire detailed textile and ceramics from the Chimu and Vicus culture, ceramics + golden objects and jewelry from the Mochica, and Chimu culture and several other objects from the Lambayeque, Moche and even from the Chavin and Inca culture. In this Museum is also shown the Lady of Chornancap, found in the Chotuma site.

Overnight in Chiclayo

Day 8 – Museo Tumbas Reales + City Tour

9:00am – Start private tour with English speaking guide from Hotel in Chiclayo to Museo Tumbas Reales, followed by a city tour through Chiclayo.

Details about this tour: Tumbas Reales is build in the shape of the old tomb from the Lord of Sipan and shows a great collection with many (golden) objects that were found in the original tomb. The objects they show include: many ceramics, jewelry of gold, silver and copper, textiles and other (personal) objects with a high (historical) value.

This combination makes that Tumbas Reales belongs to one of the best museums of Peru. This afternoon you will make a short city tour through Chiclayo, including: visits to the main square, some churches, the walkway of the muses and Mercado Herbolario (the so called ‘witches market’).

Overnight in Chiclayo

Day 9 – Chiclayo – Piura – Olmos - los Petroglitos de Boliche - Piura

8:am – Start private tour with English speaking guide from Hotel in Chiclayo to Piura, inclusive visits to los Petroglitos de Boliche.

Chiclayo-Petroglifos de Boliche: 1.5hr, Petroglifos de Boliche-Piura: 3hr

Overnight in Piura

Day 10 – Transfer to bus terminal / airport

Transfer to the airport 

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