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Our Team

Diana is our General Manager. She has a master degree in Human Resources, also has a second master degree in Tourism & Hospitality Marketing. With 15 years of experience working in Hotels and Travel Agencies in North America and Peru, she created Peruvian Ancient Paths, as her own son, this "baby" is 9 years old and Diana and her team are still working and making this project better everyday.

Joselin was born in Cusco, Peru and has been working with us since the beginning. She already traveled to US to make her trainee in hospitality, to improve her english and to learn more. She came back to Peru and to our team to apply her knowledge with our clients and friends, so definitely you are in good hands with her.

Yessica is an important member of our team, she is in charge of operations in Cusco, so she is always ready to make your trip as good as expected.