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About Us

Peruvian Ancient Paths is a company of passionate travelers and for travelers; we believe that other travelers would share our desire to rediscover the real meaning of Peru.

If you are asking yourself why we think we are different, let us tell you that we proud ourselves of been focus in our customer’s satisfaction through our personalized service!!

There are some other reasons that make us different; the first one will be that we are associated to the best inn keepers in Cusco, to the cream of the crop in matter of customer service and knowledge of our History and our heritage. Other important reason will be that we make the things simple, clear and with high quality, so you will know what to expect during this wonderful experience to Peru. The next important reason will be our respect to the nature, because of that we promote sustainable trips & experiences, and the last but not the less important reason will be our team, yes our team!!! Since they are not just knowledgeable but creative and enthusiastic people, . . . so they will be in charge of bringing you face-to-face with real Peruvian Paths and costumes.