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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Take?

Our suggestion: Make a check list, so you won’t forget anything

Here some ideas for your check list: 

·         Try to use a duffel bag or backpack

·         A good size daypack is also essential.

·         Passport (with photocopies)

·         Travel insurance (with photocopies)

·         Airline tickets

·         USD cash and travellers cheques

·         Credit or debit card see personal spending money

·         Any entry visas or vaccination certificates required

·         Camera and film, reading/writing material, binoculars, cover for backpacks, pocket knife

·         Fleece top

Physical Fitness

Our suggestion: let us know about your physical abilities so we can suggest you an itinerary according them

Our tours are open to people with various levels of physical ability which we hope to match to your itinerary. We request when you fill out your questionnaire you try to be as accurate as possible about your overall fitness and inform us as to any condition that could be affected whilst on tour.


Our suggestion: There is no specific amount of money for all the clients; so please consider your own spending habits when it comes to allowing food, drinks, tipping, shopping.

Every person, every traveler is different and therefore spending money requirements may vary from one to the other, for example many travelers will prefer to purchase more souvenirs than most, some others will prefer to enjoy the best restaurants than others.


Our suggestion: Take it easy with the food the first day; the Peruvian cuisine is delicious but their ingredients will be new to your body which is not accustomed to many.

You will be remarkably surprised with the flavors, aromas, textures of the food in Perú, which actually is recognize all over the world.

Peru is home of the potato and has a wide selection of different varieties that make up part of their staple diet along with rice and many meat dishes. Don’t  miss dishes with quinoa!!


Our suggestion: Do not drink tap water, only bottled water

As visitor you might be concern about the water when outside your country and for good reason.  We will resume the problem as “the contents of the water” in Peru are different than the ones your body is used to, so your body might create adjustment problems for the digestive system. The time covered by your visit is not normally enough to allow you to accept the changes but with a little care you should have a trouble free visit. 


Our suggestion: Do not catch a taxi on the streets, it will be definitely better to call a taxi company from your hotel or restaurant.

During your tour with Peruvian Ancient Paths you will experience many different forms of transport and of course you will have the opportunity of deciding for yourself the level of comfort and journey times to be taken.

Regarding public transportation such a Taxis we don't recommend riding in one of the little "Ticos".  It is practice to tell the Taxi driver where you are going before you get in the taxi and pre-negotiate a price. Usually, it is one - two soles less than the first offer. In Cusco & Puno, you should be able to go anywhere in or around the downtown area for less than 8 soles.  

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