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Who we are

  • Hello travellers,

    Ready for Peru?, well let me introduce ourselves: My name is Diana Mansilla Flower, my business partner and I founded Peruvian ANcient PAths on 2006, after 8 years working in tourism and hospitality, we were looking the best way to share with another travellers our experience, our culture, our history; so, one day we decided to make real our proiect of this travel agency, the main idea was to offer a personalized service, to make our clients to feel like home, to give each client the best of us, to prepare each proposal according to your expectations, according your needs, according your dreams.

    So, this is Peruvian ANcient PAths, travellers working for travellers, your Peruvian friends working to make your visit to our country as you expect, and more.

    Diana & Hugo

Our history

  • 2006 - 2015: 

    Incorporated in 2006, Peruvian ANcient PAths is a privately-owned travel management travel company headquartered in Cusco - Perú. On June 2006 the owners were Diana Mansilla Flower & Melchor Nunez del Prado. On November 2014 Melchor decided to give his part of the agency to his son Hugo Nunez del Prado, now a days Diana and Hugo are the owners of this company, both are tourist professionals so they will be able to answer your questions and requested 24/7.

Tourist information

  • At 1'285,215.15 sq. Km, Perú is the third-largest country in South America, it limits to the north with Ecuador, to the northeast with Colombia, to the east with Brazil, to the southeast with Bolivia, to the south with Chile and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. The marine domain is called "Sea of Grau" (in honor of a Peruvian Hero Admiral Miguel Grau), reaches a distance of 200 marine miles from the coastline.


    The official language of Peru is the Spanish (80.3%), then Quechua (Inka’s official language) 16.2% and other languages (3.0%).

    For those working in tourism, English is a must.

Our agents

  • Diana Mansilla Flower

    She is our Office Manager,a young lady with 2 master degrees, more than 17 years working in tourism. She will be always available for you, through e-mail :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us

Peruvian Ancient Paths is a company of passionate travelers and for travelers; we believe that other travelers would share our desire to rediscover the real meaning of Peru.

If you are asking yourself why we think we are different, let us tell you that we proud ourselves of been focus in our customer’s satisfaction through our personalized service!!


  • Our Personalized service.


    Is not going to be strange to be in contact with Diana, as you might know she is the manager but also she is a team leader, so she can be in-charge of organizing your program, or maybe she can be your assistant. So, as Diana, the rest of her team is going to be participating personally in the organization and execution of your tour.

Travel tips


    Accommodation is plentiful throughout the price ranges and finding a hotel room to suit your budget should not present any problems, especially in the main tourist areas and larger towns and cities. The exception to this is during the Christmas and Easter holiday periods, Carnival, Cuzco in June and Independence celebrations at the end of July, when all hotels seem to be crowded with months in advance. It's advisable to book in advance at these times and during school holidays and local festivals.


  • Huge THANK YOU to Diana Mansilla Flower from Peruvian Ancient Paths for my incredible trip and for sorting out all of the complicated logistics of my detailed tour of Lima, and so many other places including Machu Picchu and on to Bolivia, the tour may be over but my appreciation and gratefulness is definitely not, you and your staff did an amazing job and i will be highly recommending you to anyone interested in coming to Peru, Many thanks, Steven